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Academic Writing Workshop

  • Autumn 2023 / Autumn 2024
  • Næsta námskeið: 21. ágúst - 25. ágúst 2023
  • CMM/CRD Elective Course | 1 ECTS
  • Námskeið:CMM50 / CRD50
  • Kennari: Dr. Laura Alice Watt

Um námskeiðið

This course is taught as a seminar series throughout the semester, introducing students to academics at the graduate level. Each workshop will cover one of the following topics: academic writing, literature review, abstract writing, paper review/critical thinking and data visualization.


Dr. Laura Alice Watt:

Laura is a Professor Emeritus of Environmental History and Policy at Sonoma State University, in Northern California. She came to the University Centre initially on a Fulbright-NSF Arctic Scholar grant to conduct historical research in Iceland. Her project documented the environmental history of a remote corner of Iceland’s Westfjords, specifically the Árneshreppur municipality and surrounding region of the Strandir coast.

At Sonoma State, she taught a number of courses in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning and was a Graduate Coordinator for the Cultural Resource Management masters program.

Outside of school she is an avid photographer and sailor, and started knitting after moving to Iceland.

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Each workshop includes both lectures and practical sessions.

On completion of the course, a student:

  • will be familiar with common practices in academic writing.
  • can critically evaluate published studies, find relevant literature, and reference other people's work.
  • can synthesize his/her/their work effectively.
  • can understand the main components of high-quality research/writing and formulate relevant research questions.
  • can foster interdisciplinary discussion of the contributions and challenges in managing coastal systems in an applied as well as academic setting.