A typical week in the life of two interns in Ísafjörður

Hello we are Hannah and Linda, two students from southern Germany. We are studying Public Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Kehl. As part of our studies we are doing a three month long internship at the University Centre in Ísafjörður.

In this blog post we are going to tell you about a typical week as german interns in Ísafjörður. Our week starts on Monday at 8 o'clock. Like in most countries around the world we are usually working from Monday to Friday.

However, a big difference to Germany and what really surprised us when we first came here is that there are very flexible working hours. Whenever the weather is good it's easily possible to take a day off and work on the weekend instead. It´s even possible to work on a sunday which is a big "no go" in Germany. We already took advatage of this possibility a few times and skipped work for the day to go on an adventure.

On a beautiful wednesday in march we for example rented a car to go on a little road trip around the Westfjords. Our first stop was the lighthouse in Bolungarvík and from there we drove by beautiful landscapes to go to the Dynjandi waterfall.

As we are doing our internship in the administration of the University Centre we support the employees in their day to day tasks. We for example collected data and created an overview on all teachers and alumni of the University Centre and helped them improving the website. On work days we mostly work until 4 o´clock in the afternoon. After work depending on the weather we go for little walks around Ísafjörður, to the Kaffíhús to grab coffee and a snack or we just go home and relax for the rest of the night.

When the sky is clear we are always on the hunt for northern lights and we even got the chance to see them a few times. This is always a perfect ending of the day.

On the weekends we like to go on long hikes to explore the beautiful icelandic nature especially if the weather is good. In the not too rare case that it´s storming, raining or snowing outside we also enjoy being at home playing board games, watching movies or TV shows and cooking or baking. We have also established our own little tradition for the weekends which is making pancakes for breakfast every Sunday.

That pretty much sums up a typical week in our lifes as two interns at the University Centre. We are very grateful that we got the chance to do this internship. It is a great experience getting to know new people, traditions, cultures and overall spending time in beautiful Ísafjörður.