Here below you can find all master courses the University Centre offers. All courses are taught in 1-3 week modules running from August through June. See how the courses are organised in the teaching schedule for both programs. Usually 2-3 courses are taught at the same time, but students may only enroll in one course at a time.

The master courses are available to you whether you plan to pursue a degree or just take a course or courses. Please review the options for guest studies to determine how you can apply.

For further information, contact the Administrative Director of Education and Teaching.

Name Course Semester Instructors
Academic Writing CMM5001 Autumn 2024
Applied Methodology CMM2404 Spring 2025
Arctic Ocean Governance CMM4704 Autumn 2024
Coastal and Marine Ecology CMM0306 Autumn 2024
Coastal and Marine Management: Practical Applications and Challenges CMM0404 Summer 2025
Coastal and Marine Management: Theory and Tools CMM0104 Autumn 2024
Sustainable Waste Management in Coastal Communities CRD2004 Summer 2025
Community and the Built Environment CRD1204 Summer 2025
Coping with disasters CRD1904 Spring 2025
Current Topics and Challenges in the Coastal Arctic CMM5504 Spring 2025
Data analysis and interpretation CRD2506 Spring 2025
Environmental Economics CMM0504 Autumn 2024
Environmental Impact Assessment CMM1902 Spring 2025
Equality and diversity CRD1704 Spring 2025
Fisheries Management and Technology CMM5304 Spring 2025
From extraction to attraction: Coastal communities in an era of leisure and tourism CRD0804 Summer 2025
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) CMM2106 Spring 2025
Icelandic Society and Environment CMM2802 Autumn 2024
Indigenous Voices & Community Development CRD2602 Summer 2025
Innovation and Entrepreneurship CRD0904 Summer 2025
Marine Protected Area Management CMM2204 Summer 2025
Marine Renewable Energy CMM36 Summer 2025
Marine Spatial Planning CMM4104 Spring 2025
Migration and population development CRD0704 Spring 2025
Navigation, Shipping and Offshore Activities in the Arctic CMM5204 Summer 2025
Oceanography CMM3106 Autumn 2024
Outlook to the Future: Coastal Arctic Scenarios CRD1404 Spring 2025
People and the Sea: Geographical Perspectives CRD0206 Autumn 2024
Physical Processes of Coastal Environments CMM0204 Autumn 2024
Pollution in the Coastal Arctic CMM1404 Summer 2025
Proposal Writing CMM5402 Spring 2025
Public Policy Making – From idea to realization CRD1004 Autumn 2024
Regional and Community Economies CRD0306 Autumn 2024
Regional Policy evaluation CRD1304 Summer 2025
Regional transformation and development: Sociological theories and practices CRD0104 Autumn 2024
Sustainable Waste Management in Coastal Communities CRD20 Summer 2025 Dr. Felicitas Schneider
Talking Science - a practical guide to creative science communication CRD2306 Spring 2025
Tools for Community Development CRD2404 Summer 2025
Ethics of conservation and resource use CMM5604 Autumn 2024
Just Transitions in the Coastal Zone CRD2704 Autumn 2024
Aquaculture, Environment, and Society CMM1204 Spring 2025
Planning for climate change in coastal regions: adaptation and mitigation CMM5706 Spring 2025