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Marine Protected Area Management

  • Summer 2025
  • Next course: 26. May - 06. June 2025
  • CMM/CRD Elective Course | 4 ECTS
  • Course:CMM2204

About the course

Protected areas in coastal and marine areas are an important approach to conserving marine resources. In this course, students will examine the design, establishment, and evaluation of protected areas. They will learn how MPAs attempt to manage marine ecosystems in the context of both human (over)uses and challenges resulting from pollution and climate change. Students will also study how issues of financing, enforcement, and transboundary resources affect MPA management and the manager’s ability to achieve the goals of the protected area. Lastly, it will consider Other Effective Conservation Measures (OECMs) and how they can contribute to conservation of marine resources.


Learning outcome

On completion of the course a student:

  • can describe different approaches to the design of marine protected areas and assess their suitability in different political and geographical contexts.
  • can explain the implications of human uses of marine resources, various forms of pollution, and climate change for marine protected areas.
  • can evaluate the management of a marine protected area using relevant scientific studies and monitoring data.
  • can synthesize available information to create a management plan for a marine protected area that ensures successful conservation of marine resources within the protected area while addressing stakeholder conflicts.
  • can discuss the influence of factors threatening a MPAs success, such as funding, enforcement, and transboundary resources.
  • can describe some OECMs (other effective conservation measures) and contextualise their use.


Prerequisites: No prerequisites registered for the course

Assessment: 10 % class participation; 90% written or oral assignments

Final Exam: Assignment