The Network of public universities in Iceland was established in 2010 and gives students in Iceland access to diverse courses. Any student registered in a public Icelandic university can attend courses within the network without extra cost. Both institutions must approve the applicants request for guest studies.

Parties to the network are:

Guest studies within the network

A guest student is a student who is registered at a public university (home university) but is authorized to register for individual courses at another public university (receiving university), without paying the registration fee there. 

Both schools must approve the student's application for guest studies.

The sending school ensures that the course the student completes at the receiving school is recognized for credit transfer.

According to the agreement, the home school and the receiving school may provide each other with information about the student's academic career, if necessary.

At completion of a course the student must request a certified copy of their academic record from the receiving school, which he presents to his home school.


Admission requirements

Only students on graduate level can apply for masters' courses at UW. 

It is important for applicants to have a good knowledge of English as all teaching takes place in English.

The home school can require a minimum number of units that the student must have completed before they can apply for guest studies.

Guest students must meet the requirements for attendance and participation in each course.

Guest studies are not offered via distance learning.

How to apply

The application deadline for the fall semester is August 15 and for the spring semester December 15.

A student who wishes to become a guest student at another university must submit a formal application for guest studies to the relevant faculty or teaching department of their home school, according to the deadlines. Please use the application form of your home institution. 

The Administrative Director of Education and Teaching at the University Centre of the Westfjords provides further information.