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Academic Writing

  • Autumn 2024
  • Next course: 26. August - 30. August 2024
  • CRD/CMM Core Course | 1 ECTS
  • Course:CMM5001

About the course

This course introduces students to academics at the graduate level. It reviews fundamental elements of academic writing, such as argumentation, thesis formulation, evidence integration, and structural organisation. It will also introduce students to the academic resources available at UW for literature research. Through practical exercises, it will help students improve their skills necessary for crafting well-referenced academic texts. Additionally, it will provide students with the tools to engage with and comprehend challenging texts effectively, synthesise them into a literature review, and develop relevant supporting tables and figures. It includes both lectures and practical sessions.


Learning outcome

On completion of the course a student:

  • is familiar with common practices in academic writing.
  • can critically evaluate published studies, find relevant literature, and reference sources correctly.
  • can synthesise literature into effective literature reviews.
  • can construct evidence-based arguments and articulate them within conventions of academic writing.
  • can interpret complex illustrations and figures.
  • can convert information into tables and figures.


Prerequisites: No prerequisites registered for the course

Assessment: Pass / Fail

Final Exam: Assignment