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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Summer 2025
  • Next course: 28. April - 09. May 2025
  • CMM/CRD Elective Course | 4 ECTS
  • Course:CRD0904

About the course

As innovation and technology disrupt traditional ways of life and policy all over the world, they pose both a threat and an opportunity for remote and rural communities. Concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship will be explored and applied in a hands-on way to the challenges confronting coastal communities. In this course students gain insights into the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for regional planning.


Learning outcome

On completion of the course a student:

  • can apply concepts of innovation to regional development and critically evaluate them.
  • can identify challenges of entrepreneurship in remote and rural areas.
  • has acquired a set of tools for ideation and creative thinking.
  • has developed an innovative project within a cross disciplinary team through a creative process.


Prerequisites: No prerequisites registered for the course

Assessment: 50% individual written assignment and 50% group assignment

Final Exam: Assignment