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Tools for Community Development

  • Summer 2025
  • Next course: 26. May - 06. June 2025
  • CMM/CRD Elective Course | 4 ECTS
  • Course:CRD2404

About the course

This course explores the tools, methods, and frameworks used in community development. Case studies explore best practices in a range of contexts including coastal, remote, and indigenous communities. The course explores methods used in support of communities asserting self-determination and local control, such as Asset-Based Community Development, stakeholder mapping and power analysis, participatory learning and action (PLA), capabilities-based development, place making, Theory of Change and logic models. Students will practice and apply these tools in varying contexts in this course.


Learning outcome

On completion of the course a student:

  • can describe the social, political, cultural, and environmental contexts in which communities thrive and prosper.
  • can critically review the role of power and self-determination in the application of community development concepts, processes, and tools as well as methodological approaches.
  • understands the frameworks and strategies that support applied community development.
  • can identify best practices in the application of tool and methods in support of community development.
  • can demonstrate an understanding of Asset Based Community Development.


Prerequisites: No prerequisites registered for the course

Assessment: 10 % Class participation; 90% written or oral assignments

Final Exam: Assignment