All master's courses are open to people from the world of work. The courses are a part of our two international multidisciplinary master's programs, Coastal and Marine Management and Coastal Communities and Regional Development. 

Check out the UW course catalogue and find out more about the interesting courses UW offers. Courses are taught in modules and all teaching takes place in English, as the student group is international, and teachers come from all over the world.

Admission requirements:

  • Requirements for acceptance to single courses are generally the same as for acceptance to the master’s program as a whole, i.e. that applicants have completed undergraduate studies, regardless of whether BA, BSc, BEd, or other equivalent study.
  • It is important for applicants to have a good knowledge of English as all teaching takes place in English.
  • Guest students must meet the requirements for attendance and participation in each course.
  • Guest studies are not offered via distance learning.
  • Fees are ISK 10.000 per ECTS unit.


For further information please contact the Administrative Director of Education and Teaching at UW.