Through the University of Akureyri, UW takes part in several exchange programs such as Nordplus, Erasmus and North2North. If you wish to study at UW as an exchange student, first check whether your home university has a valid partner agreement with UW or the University of Akureyri. If there is no agreement, please check out the information for Free Mover.

Admission requirements:

  • The general eligibility criteria for exchange students are CEFR C1 English level and relevant study background.
  • In general, only students on graduate level can apply for masters' courses. Bachelor's students however may apply if they are in the final year of their studies and can demonstrate previous knowledge in the course they apply for.
  • The home school can require a minimum number of units that the student must have completed before they can apply for guest studies.
  • Guest students must meet the requirements for attendance and participation in each course at the receiving school.
  • Guest studies are not offered via distance learning.
  • All international students must meet the requirements set by either the Directorate of Immigration or Registers Iceland depending on their citizenship.


For further information please contact the International Office at the University of Akureyri or the Administrative Director of Education and Teaching at UW.