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Coastal and Marine Management: Practical Applications and Challenges

  • Summer 2024
  • Next course: 10. June - 21. June 2024
  • CMM/CRD Elective Course | 4 ECTS
  • Course:CMM04
  • Instructor: Dr. Julian Clifton

About the course

The focus of this course will be to critically examine the extent to which co-management and other alternative community-based strategies provide a viable approach to marine management. Studies of such efforts from around the world, in different social and cultural contexts, will be critically examined to determine costs and benefits, the opportunities for and barriers to their implementation, and the conditions necessary for the development of sustainable, community-based coastal management systems.


Dr. Julian Clifton:

is Head of Department and Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, School of Social Sciences, Department of Geography. 

Learning outcome

On completion of the course, a student:

  • has gained a systematic understanding of the most recent knowledge of the complex interrelationships inherent in human use and interaction with coastal and marine natural resources and systems.
  • can accurately define a problem, think about it in a critical manner, assess information at hand and draw inferences about how to approach a resolution.
  • understands the complementary and competing interests that influence the design, implementation and outcome of community-based management processes.
  • has strengthened abilities in aspects of organizational behaviour, facilitation, and power-sharing dynamics in collaborative management arrangements.