Icelandic Learners Everywhere in August

As is usual in August, we're all about Icelandic learning these days. Our three week beginners' course began yesterday with 19 participants. The Give Icelandic a Chance campaign is of course also in full swing and its various events suitable for the Icelandic learners, so we want to remind you of the objectives of the campaign; to give those who are learning the language a chance to use it as much as they can and have ability to, be patient, simplify and repeat their sentences and not demand that the learners speak perfect Icelandic. And last but not least, give Icelandic a chance and not shift over to English or some other language right away.

To help with this, Icelandic learners are encuraged to wear these Give Icelandic a Chance badges, to which they can point to indicate that they want to test their newly acquired language skills, such as when ordering at cafes and restaurants or elsewhere when needing to communicate with native speakers. So, we ask locals in Ísafjarðarbær to pay attention to this and respect our Icelandic learners' wishes.

The next course, a week long course in intermediate Icelandic begins on 7 August, on the 14th begins a one week crash course for beginners and on 21st of August starts a two week program for advanced learners. All in all, there will be 60 Icelandic learners mingling with the local community in August, who will welcome the support of native speakers in acquiring what they're learning via interaction.