Wednesday 24. May 2023

Various events coming up!

The Give Icelandic a Chance campaign continues into the summer and some very interesting events are lined up over the next few weeks; the biggest one being a symposium on 8-9 June at the University Centre, with talks about Icelandic learning and Icelandic teaching.

30 May: Spurðu um málfræði/Ask about grammar
Question time about Icelandic grammar, intended for both native speakers and learners. Takes place at the University Centre at 5:30 pm.

31 May: B1-B2 íslenskukúrs fyrir lengra komna/B1-B2 Intermediate Icelandic Course
An introduction to vocabulary and different types of Icelandic. First lesson, and introduction to the course, will be at the University Centre from 5 to 8 pm.
Further information and registration:

8-9 June: Give Icelandic a Chance Symposium, University Centre of the Westfjords
Schedule will be advertise closer to the time.
Will include a workshop discussing how to make Icelandic more accessible to everybody, looking for realistic ideas to execute. Screening of new videos for the campaign. 

6 June: Gaman að kynnast þér íslenska, í Súðavík / Nice to meet you Icelandic, in Súðavík
Icelandic learners get together and introduce themselves, with support from native speakers. Exact location will be announced later.

13 June: Hrað-íslenska í Súðavík / Speed-Icelandic in Súðavík
Exact location announced closer to the date.

19 June: Kynnum okkur, kynnumst / Introduce ourselves, get to know each other.
Þriðja rýmið, Safnahúsið in Ísafjörður.

A practice lesson in introducing oneself and telling others a little bit about oneself and hearing others introducing themselves. Aimed at those who have finished a beginners' course but is open to more advanced learners too.
From 6 to 8 pm..

21 June: Gíslataka í Haukadal Dýrafirði / A walk and theatre, a take on Gíslasaga in Haukadalur valley by Dýrafjörður
A history walk and theatrical show in collaboration with Kómedíuleikhúsið theatre.

Events for July and August will be announced in June.

All participation is free of charge.

The campaign is partly funded by the Development Fund for Immigration Issues