Orientation Day 2023

The University Centre of the Westfjords kicked off the new academic year with an exciting Orientation Day for incoming students. Like previous years, the student group is international with a diverse background.

The day commenced with a series of short speeches and an introduction of the UW staff. Peter Weiss, director, took the stage to delve into the rich history of the institution, sharing anecdotes that highlighted its growth and achievements. This day was not just about speeches; it was a day of interactive activities designed to foster connections among the attendees. Students and staff gathered outside to participate in icebreaker games and forged new connections. One particular game challenged participants to discover each other's birthdays without verbal communication, sparking creativity and laughter. Another, was the creation of a human map, where students pinpointed the countries they last called home. This activity showcased the international diversity that UW proudly embraces, uniting individuals from around the world in a shared pursuit of knowledge.

As energy levels remained high, participants were treated to a pizza. Following lunch, a guided walk through the picturesque streets of Ísafjörður unveiled the local charm and culture of the town to our newest batch of students. The walk concluded at a local brewery, where conversations continued to flow. It was a welcomed stop for many, who have travelled a long distance all the way to Ísafjörður in the previous days.


Orientation day will continue tomorrow where students will receive a further introduction from academic directors Brack Hale and Matthias Kokorsch.