Icelandic course: Beginners A1 (crash course)

Duration: 5 days
Hours: 35-40
Time of year: spring and summer
Course material: included
Emphasis on: everyday vocabulary, simple grammar

The University Centre's 5 day crash course is a short and intensive beginners course in Icelandic language and culture and is designed to meet the needs of people who want to learn Icelandic the fast way. The course is all about getting to know the Icelandic language without formal grammar teaching. Students are taught basic Icelandic vocabulary through various lectures and exercises. The course is around 35-45 hours in total with each class around 45 minutes. The course is taught both in summer and winter and gives a good base for further Icelandic learning. It is also set up in such a way that students can start to use Icelandic right away, since the key to language learning is to use the language.

The focus is on everyday vocabulary and simple and practical grammar. Students do not need to have previous knowledge of Icelandic grammar. The course material is aimed at everyday use, like ordering food or drinks, or talking about the weather in the hot pot. Students also get an introduction to Icelandic society and learn about pronounciation, reading Icelandic and listening in an easy way. There are no requirements for the course but students are encouraged to prepare themselves by taking the free Icelandic Online course beforehand.

Other Icelandic courses at UW

We offer a variety of Icelandic courses at various levels, in accordance to the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), from A1 level (beginners) to B2 level (advanced). The atmosphere of the courses is friendly and we do our best to mix different elements in the teaching to ensure a diverse learning. All the Icelandic courses have one thing in common, they use the community to some extent as part of the teaching, as an sort of extention of the classroom.

On this page you can see all the Icelandic courses UW has to offer.