The first group of students settles into UW‘s new student housing

The University Centre of the Westfjords marked a significant milestone yesterday as the first group of students moved into their brand-new student housing. The student housing complex is made up of two separate buildings, one of which is now ready for occupancy. The other building, which is still being built, will be ready in the fall, with plans for an official announcement and celebratory events once both buildings are fully operational.

While the building the students moved into is not entirely complete, the rooms designated for the students are ready. Carpentry work is still ongoing, and a few more days of effort are expected before the common areas are perfected. “It is better to start than to wait for perfection“ says Peter Weiss, the director of the University Centre who was actively assisting students in their move-in process along with other UW staff.

The students were excited as they explored their rooms and those of their fellow peers. They lent each other a helping hand with their belongings. Below, you can see a student happy with his ocean-view room.

Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir, a member of the student housing committee, expressed her joy on this occasion. She reflected on how just two short years ago, the idea of constructing student housing was conceived, and today, they stand in a finished building. The initial discussions began in December 2021, and after meticulous planning, the vision became a reality in September 2023. Sigríður hopes that the students find comfort in their new accommodations and actively contribute to the development of a vibrant and inclusive house culture.