Catching up with alumni: Isabelle Price

Welcome to our “catching up with alumni” series where we introduce you to previous UW students over the years. Isabelle Price is a 25 year old alum who graduated from the Coastal Marine Management master’s program in 2023. Isabelle's hobbies include running, biking, and kayaking.

What brought you to UW?
The remote setting where the mountains meet the sea is one of the reasons I wanted to come to UW. I thought it would be a unique place to live and I would not find an opportunity like this anywhere else.

What did you like about studying here?
The location is 10 out of ten and all the students are similarly minded making it a lovely cohort to be part of. Additionally, I had really broad perspectives in my learning as professors would come from every part of the
globe and share their expertise with us.

Did you experience any culture shocks in Ísafjörður?
I was surprised by many things in Ísafjörður, one of them was that knitting was prevalent and a bonding activity amongst the students. Additionally, every town seems to have a hot tub and sauna and these communal areas are a great occasion to chat with locals. I was also surprised that ski resorts are flood lit, which makes sense as the daylight hours are very short in winter, perks of skiing at night include skiing under the aurora borealis.

What was student life like here? What activities did you enjoy?
Student life was very busy with part time work, academics, sports and socials. I enjoyed knitting nights in my down time and the local Brazilian jiu jitsu club. The hills overlooking the town are a fantastic place for running, hiking, biking and skiing. There is a little bit for every one, whether it’s the brewery quiz nights or a dip in the sea.

Do you have any tips for current students?
Try as many things as you can and don’t be afraid to ask around for activities and to borrow equipment.

What was your favorite study spot?
My top three spots were The university library, various university rooms (depending on the view) and the town library which always has good scenery.

Where did you do your thesis research and why did you choose that location?
I stayed in Ísafjörður as my thesis was investigating the Westfjords.

What was your research on?
My thesis was a social study titled; Backcountry winter recreation in the Westfjords, changes and adaption strategies

What is something that you learned here that you took with you?
Currently I am in New Zealand in an environment where coastal management is important. I work as a guide and pull knowledge that I have learnt from coastal processes, ecology and management to talk about the local issues in New Zealand.

What do you currently do?
Tour guide on cycling holidays around New Zealand