The University Centre Logo

The University Centre logo was originally designed by Wilfred Bullerjahn in 2005. The logo reflects the Centre’s geographical location and the arrow representing the Westfjords faces outwards; intimating that the work of the University Centre has a wider national and international reach. At the beginning of 2008 the University Centre worked alongside designer Atli Hilmarsson on other aspects of its branding. Following this the logo was updated with words and a new colour scheme, while remaining faithful to the distinctive original design.

We request those using the University Centre logo to please acquaint themselves with its usage guidelines.

The logo exists in two colour formats. One is for use on white surface backgrounds and the other on blue. The logo should be used on a white background where possible.

The logo also exists in black & white in both formats, and a version without text is also available. If these versions are needed, or a logo in vector format, please contact Ingi Björn Guðnason on +354 450 3042, or by email: