Dr. Peter Weiss


E-mail address: weiss(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3045

Mobile: +354 869 3045

Astrid Fehling

Project Manager

E-mail address: astrid(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 4503043 

Dr. Catherine Chambers

Academic Director of Coastal and Marine Management

E-mail address: cat(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3048

Dr. Matthias Kokorsch

Academic Director of Coastal Communities and Regional Development.

Matthias was hired in March 2019 and will begin his job at UW in August 2019. Dr. Catherine Chambers is the acting director of Coastal Communities and Regional Development until then.

Guðrún Sigríður Matthíasdóttir


E-mail address: gunnasigga(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3040

Ingi Björn Guðnason

Project Manager

E-mail address: ingi(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3042

Margrét Björk Arnardóttir

Administrative director - education and teaching

E-mail address: margret(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3041

Pernilla Rein

Project Manager

E-mail address: pernilla(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3044

Sigurður Halldór Árnason

Project Manager 

E-mail address: siggi(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 4503047

Þórdís Lilja Jensdóttir


E-mail adress: thordis(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3040