Dr. Peter Weiss


E-mail address: weiss(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3045

Mobile: +354 869 3045

Astrid Fehling

Administrative Director - Education and Teaching

E-mail address: astrid(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 4503043 

Dr. Catherine Chambers

Research Manager

E-mail address: cat(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3048

Dr. Matthias Kokorsch

Academic Director of Coastal Communities and Regional Development.

E-mail address: matthias(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3049

Dr. Veronica Méndez Aragón

Academic Director of Coastal and Marine Management.

E-mail address: veronica(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3047

Guðrún Sigríður Matthíasdóttir


E-mail address: gunnasigga(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3040

Ingi Björn Guðnason

Marketing and Web Manager

Field of Work: Responsible for marketing and public relations, website, social media and other projects at UW.

E-mail address: ingi(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3042

Sigþrúður Margrét Gunnsteinsdóttir

Project Manager

E-mail address: sissu(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3044

Þórdís Lilja Jensdóttir


E-mail adress: thordis(at)uw.is

Phone number: +354 450 3040