Regional and Community Economies

Core Course | 6 ECTS | Námskeið: CRD 03

Kennari: N.N.

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This course discusses challenges and solutions for rural and remote communities in a globalized economy. Strategies for economic diversification and resilience building will be presented. Different economic systems and the role of governing bodies and institutions, as well as economic tools and policies will be covered in this course. The course builds on classic economic theories as well as innovative concepts. This course combines theoretical elements and practical examples for sustainable economic development.

On completion of the course, a student:

  • can define and discuss economic mechanisms from different spatial perspectives.
  • can identify examples of successful regional and rural economic development
  • can explain examples of economic tools, policies and adjustments as well as their impacts.
  • has good skills in reading and writing sections of scientific papers on economic aspects of rural and remote regions
  • and critically review and discuss traditional and innovative economic concepts in an oral and written form.
  • has developed their critical thinking regarding sustainable economic development