Innovation in Aquaculture

MI02A Elective Course 2 ECTS
Period -
Instructor Dr. Peter Krost


This course focuses on marine innovation in the Westfjords and in close co-operation with work life in the area. Students will work during this course with their own innovation project, based on the business canvas model or a comparable method. Apart from that, they will receive input from their teacher through teaching, supervision and discussion, as well as visits to relevant companies. After the end of the course students will have to hand in their innovative project in a written form. Teaching, visits to companies and work with the innovation project amounts to roughly 45 hours, while work for the written form is estimated to take 5 hours. 


At the end of this course;

  • The participant has acquired knowledge that enables her/him to understand the most important challenges and problems of the respective branch, and enables her/him to identify realistic innovative projects.
  • The participant can produce a realistic business plan.
  • By the end of the course the participants have acquired a sense of their own strengths and limits, as well as how to overcome them. Participants have actively shown creativity by proposing their own innovation-based business idea and can evaluate advantages and disadvantages of projects; both their own and peers'.