Human Ecology

Elective Course | 4 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM 13

Kennari: Dr. Laura Alice Watt

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An essential element of any resource management issue or community development question is understanding how and why the circumstances developed into their present-day condition.  The Human Ecology class will take a historical approach to investigating people's complex relationships with their environments, as a way of better understanding coastal places, communities, and how they interrelate -- hopefully helping you to untangle resource controversies or work with communities to be creative in their future ambitions.  


Laura is from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she spent four years working as an environmental planner, followed by fifteen years teaching environmental history and policy, and helping run the Cultural Resources Masters program at Sonoma State University. She recently took early retirement from SSU and is now resettling here in the Westfjords, returning to consulting work focused on historical research and Icelandic heritage.  She's also an avid photographer, and is interested in how images contribute to our understanding (or lack thereof) of landscapes.