Adaptation Planning

CMM16B Elective Course 4 ECTS
Period -
Instructor Dr. Patricia Manuel


This course explores adaptation to climate change in coastal communities, with a focus on adaptation through coastal land use and community planning. The course uses lectures, seminars, and case study formats. Students work in small teams and individually exploring adaptation tools and selected themes in coastal planning and adaptation planning. Students explore the relevance of local planning frameworks to address land use and development issues in the context of changing environmental conditions at the coast.


At the end of this course student will develop an understanding of;

  • components and content of community plans of coastal jurisdictions and how to assess these plans for coastal planning capacity
  • tools used to develop adaptation strategies
  • information needs for climate change adaptation at the coast
  • climate change adaptation options for coastal communities


Learning processses include lectures and seminars, reading assignments, land use decision-making simulations, studio group work on local planning projects, and individual papers on special topics.