Student facilities

The University Centre of the Westfjords offers excellent facilities for distance learning students of universities across Iceland. There are six teaching rooms at the Centre, two of which have teleconferencing facilities. The rooms are intended for teaching, but are also used as reading and working rooms for students when there is no teaching in progress. The Centre’s main corridor also houses reading and group work areas, as well as lockers for student use. There are further reading rooms on the ground floor which students can use for quiet private work.

Computers and printing

The University Centre of the Westfjords offers students access to wireless internet. It is anticipated that students have laptop computers with wireless internet cards, though it is possible to set up wired internet connections for students in exceptional circumstances. The wireless connection requires a password to access which you receive from the staff. Students are expected to allow the University Centre IT technician to examine their computers’ virus protection software etc., if deemed necessary.

It is always important to keep computers regularly updated with virus protection and operating system security patches. If a student does not update his/her computer it is likely that the computer’s network access will be cut off if it gets infected with a virus. PCs can be updated through the Microsoft website.

PLEASE NOTE: brand new computers do not always have the latest security updates when they are bought.

Students can print, photocopy and scan using the University Centre printer, which is located at reception. Students’ printing is monitored for reasonable use, so be sparing.

Teleconferencing facilities

Distance learning students who have lessons via teleconferencing do so at the University Centre. This is a cornerstone of the University Centre’s services to distance learning university students. The University Centre offers state-of-the-art teleconferencing facilities from Polycom in two of its teaching rooms. University Centre staff take care of the day-to-day running of teleconferencing facilities, though Særaf ehf. staff members are in overall control of the facilities and all other University Centre technology. It is important to notify University Centre staff if anything goes wrong during a teleconference call, or with the technology. Students are not permitted to attempt repairs to teleconferencing facilities without the approval of the University Centre and/or Særaf. Students are, however, permitted to turn projectors off and on again, and it is recommended that equipment is turned off after lessons.

University Centre staff are on hand to help students establish a connection at the beginning of teleconference lessons, though it is expected that students will quickly learn how this is done and become proficient in doing it themselves. If connection problems arise, the best solution is to call the relevant university’s technical support helpline and technicians there should be able to solve connection problems. Technical helpline numbers for all Icelandic universities are in both teaching rooms, as well as University Centre staff numbers in the event of problems outside office hours.


The University Centre is locked after 16.00. Students can obtain a key card with magnetic strip to access the building outside regular hours. Students need to pay a ISK 2,500 returnable deposit for key cards, which is then refunded when cards are returned at the end of the year.

Please note that the alarm system automatically engages at midnight and goes off again at 07.00 every morning. If students anticipate needing the building at night time, they must let staff know so that the alarm can be unscheduled.

Other facilities

Students have access to the University Centre kitchen and can store food in cupboards and the fridge. Remember to label your food and other belongings. The University Centre has a coffee machine and drinks cost ISK 250 each, though a monthly coffee card can be bought at reception for ISK 2,500.

Students and their facilities

Though University Centre services are largely focused on students attending classes through teleconferencing facilities, it is strongly emphasised that the University Centre is there for all university distance learning students. Those students who conduct their studies online using their own computers are also very welcome to make use of the University Centre and are especially encouraged to find out what is on offer and to use the facilities. All students in the area who are involved in university level studies can get a key card and have access to the building at any time of day, use the wireless internet and printer, photocopier, and all other University Centre facilities. The Director of Education and Teaching has a list of all university level distance learning students in the region. The list is compiled from information from other universities and may not be entirely accurate; for example often missing student email addresses or telephone numbers. Students are encouraged to make sure the Director’s records are up-to-date by telling her when their course began, their phone number, email address, and where they would like information from the University Centre to be posted to.

Director of Education and Teaching:

Astrid Fehling


Guðrún Sigríður Matthíasdóttir

Þórdís Lilja Jensdóttir


Price list

  • Facilities fee ISK 2,000 (including access to wireless internet, printer, 70 pages of printing, access to all reading and work rooms, access to kitchen etc.)*
  • Coffee ISK 250 per cup.
  • Coffee card ISK 2,500 per month.
  • Key card ISK 2,500 (deposit which is refunded when the key is returned)*

*If the facilities fee is not paid it is important to return the key card, the key card deposit is refunded upon return.


          printing, black and white: ISK 15 per page

          printing, colour: ISK 25 per page

          binding combs: ISK 100 each

          plastic: ISK 100 each

          binding of 0-100 pages: ISK 1000

Get in touch:

(+354) 450 3040

Suðurgata 12, 400 Ísafjörður, Iceland

Kennitala: 610705-0220

Photo credit: Ágúst Atlason.
Photo credit: Ágúst Atlason.