The University Centre of the Westfjords works closely with research centres in and outside the Westfjords. Although there are no researchers at the Centre, students from the Master's program in Coastal and Marine Management contribute further knowledge with the completion of their theses. Many of the instructors on the Master's program are distinguished university teachers from various parts of the world, who furthermore create a bond between the University Centre and their own research centres.

Branches of the Marine Research Institute and the Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D, the Research Centre of the University of Iceland, and the Nature Centre of the Westfjords, including many other organisations in the Westfjords, all work on diverse research relating to the fisheries industry, its projects and the environment of the sea and the coastline. The research topics include fishing technology, sustainable aquaculture (fish farming), eco-systems and environmental impact assessment. All these research topics are linked to the main subjects of the Masters program in Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre. The University Centre, The Association of Municipalities in the Westfjords (on behalf of the municipalities in the Westfjords) and Eik Planning Agency collaborate on a research project on marine spatial planning. Amongst other research centres in the Westfjords is The Avalanche Research Centre of The Icelandic Meteorological Office that conducts research and risk assessment for avalanches in Iceland.

Most of these establishments are based in the University Centre building and this creates a favourable environment where guest lecturers and students can meet and discuss their different research projects.

The University Centre is also associated with the international institutions such as AquaTNet for aquaculture education, UArctic Thematic Network on coastal and marine issues as well as UArctic TN on Local Governance.

The University Centre of the Westfjords would like to facilitate access to Westfjordian matters to all domestic and foreign researchers, and research students in every way possible. The Westfjords is an original and exciting location for research and related projects, and the University Centre is keen to offer a favourable environment where collaboration is possible between visiting and local research institutes.