Program rules

Credit for previous study

In order for students to receive credit for study at other institutions, they must normally have completed comparable courses with a minimum grade of 7,0. A student who wishes to receive credit for previous study must apply to the instructional supervisor.

Minimum progress and performance standards

In order to pass a course, students must receive a grade of 5,0 or higher.

Students take 24 units per semester, except during the first semester, which consists of 21 units.

Retaking examinations

The general rule is that students may not take the examination in a course unless they have completed the course assignments to the teacher's satisfaction.

Students are permitted to take the examination for a given course three times. Students who do not pass the examination on the third try may apply for special permission to take it a fourth time if they can present a valid reason. Students who fail an examination on the fourth try may not continue in the preparatory program.

Students who pass an examination may request to retake it. In such cases, the grade on the second examination will be used.
The instructional supervisor oversees all matters concerning students' rights to retake examinations.

Progress towards completion

Students may not register for a full courseload in any semester in which they have more than 6 incomplete units outstanding from previous semesters. If students have 7 or more incomplete units, the instructional supervisor may permit partial participation in the semester's courses, but never in courses with prerequisites in which a student has received a grade of less than 4,0. The instructional supervisor may permit exceptions from this rule in special cases. Permission may be granted only on the condition that students take the examination in any incomplete courses during the next regular examination period.

In order to begin the fourth semester of the program, all second-semester courses must have been completed.

A full-time student completes 45 units over two semesters and 93 units over four semesters. The maximum time permitted to complete the first two semesters, i.e. 45 units, is 3 semesters. The maximum time permitted to complete all four semesters, i.e. 93 units, is six semesters. A student who completes all 93 units in the program graduates with a preparatory diploma. Extensions to the permitted completion time beyond these limits may be granted under special circumstances.

Students may apply at the beginning of the school year to take a leave of absence from their studies, or to plan their studies in a special way which differs from the above. The application, as well as a written plan for completing the program, must be sent to the instructional supervisor, and supported with appropriate materials. Valid reasons for a leave of absence, or for a reduced courseload, include childbirth and illness. The instructional supervisor evaluates applications for a leave of absence or a reduced courseload.

The instructional supervisor oversees students' progress towards completion.

Distance learning

The preparatory program at the University Centre of the Westfjords will be available across the Westfjords through distance learning.


Instructors must, at the beginning of each course, submit a course syllabus, which both describes the content of the course and includes clear information about student evaluation and the weight of the various factors with which the final grade is calculated.

Exceptions to these rules are only permitted with the approval of the instructional supervisor. Applications for exceptions must be submitted to the instructional supervisor and supported with appropriate materials.