Preparatory program overview

The length of the program depends on each incoming student's background. The complete preparatory program comprises 21 units during the first semester and 24 units during the second, third, and fourth semesters. The program qualifies for assistance from the Icelandic Student Loan Fund. Instruction takes place during daytime hours in the University Centre of the Westfjords.

Each course within the program is worth three units, and each semester is 15 weeks long, not including exams. The subjects taught in the preparatory program are mathematics, physics, chemistry, Icelandic, Danish, English, German, computer technology, and the history of ideas. Students who complete the preparatory program receive a preparatory diploma, which assures entrance into the School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavík University. The program is, as well, a good means of preparation for university studies in general, although it is especially aimed at preparing students for university studies in science.


Instruction in the first semester of the preparatory program begins in January 2008. Prospective students who do not foresee that they will be able to begin in January 2008 may apply to begin in the fall of 2008. Thereafter, students will be accepted into the program every other year, with the next intake in the fall of 2010.


Students who study full-time and start in January 2008 will receive their preparatory diploma in December 2009.