Lunch Lecture - Don't forget them when they forget you

On Friday, January 20, Ingibjörg Rósa Björnsdóttir will deliver the talk "Don't forget them when they forget you" in the Lunch Lecture.
Dementia is sadly the next pandemic, which means that society needs to be prepared to include, communicate and take care of this community. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about dementia, avoid it and are therefore not sure how to react when someone close to them gets diagnosed with dementia.

Ingibjörg Rósa is a “Brain Friend” who changed her mind about valuing life with dementia, after working in a daycare centre for people with dementia. Her mother also has dementia and Ingibjörg has published articles to raise awareness of how people with dementia are cared for, which she is passionate about. Ingibjörg wants to encourage discussions about the way the dementia community is treated and urge people not to be shy of people with dementia.
In this week's Lunch Lecture, Ingibjörg will share her experience and educate people about the Alzheimer Association and the “Brain Friend” campaign.
Ingibjörg Rósa studied Journalism and Mass Communication, has worked at Morgunblaðið and the RÚV newsroom as well as writing articles for various media, both Icelandic and foreign, as a freelancer while living in Britain. She also worked in a caring home as a student and helped take care of her sister and father, both whom died of brain related diseases. In 2021, Ingibjörg moved in with her mother and got a part time job at Maríuhús, the daycare centre that her mother attended. Since August, Ingibjörg has held a half-time, temporary position as a Marketing and Web Manager of the University Centre of the Westfjords, UW.
The Lunch Lecture is open to everyone and starts promptly at 12:10 in the cafeteria of the Vestfjörður University Center on the 2nd floor. The talk is in Icelandic.
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