Past events

Future events

Vísindaport/Lunch lecture: Snorri had a son named Órækja.

23. September

Lunch lecture: light pollution and its effect on marine filter-feeders

16. September

Vísindaport Lunch Lecture: Alan Deverell

09. September

Evaluating Disaster Response and Emergency Planning Communication within the Capital Regional District on Vancouver Island

07. September

The use of public geographic information systems to determine conflicts and environmental impacts for marine spatial planning in the Westfjords

06. September

Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in Iceland: What do we know so far and what can we predict about the future?

05. September

Unconditional Basic Income as a Means to Foster Innovation in Iceland

05. September

Women of the Water: Women Seafarers’ Experiences in Maritime Tourism in South-central Alaska and Iceland

02. September

Food Sovereignty as Well-being in an Alaskan Indigenous Community: A case study in Igiugig Village

01. September