Þingeyri Local Services

Simbahöllin coffee house in Þingeyri.
Simbahöllin coffee house in Þingeyri.
Þingeyri is a little fishing village in the remote Westfjords. However, basic services are available.

Þingeyri has a gas station (N1) that offers essentials such as bread, drinks, and snacks. For supermarkets and other stores you have to go to Ísafjörður. On the arranged trip to Ísafjörður during the course week, participants will get the chance to shop.

At lunch, soup and light meals are offered in the coffee house Simbahöllin. Arrangements can also be made with the different guesthouses and hotels.

For dinner the local hotel offers food. The coffee house Simbahöllin serves meals with products from the area occasionally and on request. Other arrangements for meals can be made with the guesthouse Við Fjörðinn.

Hotel Núpur on the other side of the fjord has a famous chef who runs the restaurant during the summer time. Trips can be arranged.

Please note that daily lunch and dinner is the participant's own responsibility.