Wellbeing and development: Concepts and indicators

CCRD04 Elective 6 ECTS
Period 3 weeks -
Instructor Gylfi Ólafsson


This course critically engages a range of commonly available socioeconomic indicators and explores the meaning of everyday categorisations such as a "good place to live", "healthy economy" and "vibrant community".


Upon completion of this course, students

  • will have demonstrated a systematic understanding of commonly available socioeconomic indicators.
  • will be able to critically refer to some everyday categorisations in this field.
  • will be able to accurately define everyday categorisations like "a good place to live", "healthy economy" or "vibrant community" and think of those categorisations in a critical manner.
  • will have gained skills in participating in and facilitating group discussions as well as crafting and delivering effective presentations.



Gylfi Ólafsson was appointed the CEO of Westfjords Healthcare Institute (Heilbrigðisstofnun Vestfjarða) in 2018. The organization encompasses the hospitals and primary care facilities in Ísafjörður and Patreksfjörður, as well as nursing homes and other healthcare in the region. Gylfi has a PhD from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm with research in low back pain and holds a master’s degree in economics from Stockholm university and B.Ed. degree from Akureyri university. He has among other things served as assistant to the minister of finance and economic affairs, taught health economics as University of Iceland, been a researcher and consultant in health economics, and run a failed start-up in insect rearing.