Proposal Writing

Core Course | 2 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM54/CRD54

Kennari: N.N.

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The course provides students with understanding, skills and competence in research design and proposal writing. This course is a series of workshops designed to provide students with the tools for developing a good research proposal. The course also includes training on ethics in research.

On completion of the course, a student:

  • can design a research proposal and justify the research design 
  • can develop a sound framework for a research project at the master‘s level
  • can formulate research questions and aims and explain how they can be addressed
  • can identify ethical issues that may arise in research
  • can identify and discuss key academic literature/landmark studies related to a particular subject within coastal studies
  • can successfully write a full research proposal where compelling arguments are given for the most suitable research methods.