Physical Processes of Coastal Environments

Core Course | 6 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM 02

Kennari: Antoine Boisson

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The course focuses on oceanic and coastal environments, emphasising the relationship between physical processes and management strategies. The physical environment, i.e. waves, currents, sediment movement, beaches, erosion/deposition mechanisms, as well as potential consequences of sea-level rise and global warming, is integrated with anthropogenic dimensions, i.e. usage, coastal defence, pollution (e.g. persistent marine debris) and resource exploitation. The course also gives students an understanding of the consequences of human interactions with both marine and coastal environments as well as an introduction to quantitative techniques for data processing, measuring and data presentation in the field of coastal and marine management.


My background is in Arctic and sub-Arctic coastal geomorphology and permafrost science. After obtaining a BSc in Geography and an MSc in Coastal Engineering and Geosciences in France, and doing research internships in northern France and Western Australia, I decided to study in Quebec, a French-speaking province of Canada, a country with the longest coastline and which is facing increasing challenges related to climate change. In August 2019, I completed my PhD at Laval University where I characterized the coasts of northern Quebec (Nunavik). Currently, much of my research focuses on coastal geomorphology and hazards in Nunavik and Nunavut, using GIS and technological tools deployed in the coastal zone. These projects are conducted for and with Inuit organizations and community members.

I am originally from northwestern France (Vendée), and I live in Quebec City, Canada. In my free time, I enjoy exploring coastal environments, outdoors activities, playing piano and badminton… That will be my first time in Iceland! Enchanté!