Of ships and sea: Navigation, safety, and offshore activities

CMM11C Elective Course 2 ECTS
Period -


This course aims to provide students with overarching, basic knowledge and practical points on seafaring related matters and how these matters are represented in the scientific literature. It will cover topics including shipping infrastructure, natural and manmade challenges and the role of risk management in safety and navigation, offshore activities such as shipping and oil and gas development, as well as practical, useful, first-hand information from experienced seafarers and port operators.


On completion of the course, a student:

  • has a practical awareness and applicability of management measures for industries operating at sea.
  • can apply basic preparedness measures for seaborne work.
  • has an understanding of  maritime communications.
  • can evaluate related, regular and rare natural challenges for vessels and port infrastructures, and apply this framework to risk management.
  • can analyze the state of affairs today (economic, political, natural) related to navigation, safety and offshore activities related to key academic literature.