Core Course | 6 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM 31

Kennari: Øyvind Lundesgaard

Námskeiðslýsing í kennsluskrá

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This course provides students with a basic understanding of how the ocean works. We begin with getting to know the world’s oceans, and discuss the physical properties of water. We examine how and why salinity and temperature vary globally, and how such variations drive the slow overturning circulation of the ocean. Next, we move to much shorter time scales as we discuss the generation and behaviour of waves and tides. We then go on to look at how the rotation of the planet affects the circulation of the oceans and the atmosphere, and how the wind drives the major ocean currents and generates upwelling of nutrient-rich waters. Finally, we discuss the role of the ocean in the climate system.


I am an oceanographer and a postdoctoral researcher at the Norwegian Polar Institute. I work on the “physics part” of oceanography - how the ocean moves, and the distribution and transport of properties like heat and salt. I am particularly interested in how the ocean interacts with the atmosphere and ice in polar regions.