Navigation, Shipping and Offshore Activities in the Arctic

Elective Course | 4 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM 52

Kennari: Julia Olsen

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During this interdisciplinary course we will learn more about past, current and future Arctic shipping and off-shore operations. The lectures provide a holistic picture on multiple changes in the socio-economic, geopolitical, environmental, and climatic conditions that influence the recent development. The course will comprise several activities such as lectures, case exercises, group works, a fieldwork and an individual assignment. During the fieldwork we will have an excursion to the local harbor where we will meet and will have a chance to discuss shipping development with local stakeholders. The excursion will be followed by a boat trip where we will learn about the practical aspects of navigation. In addition to the course literature we will use news from mass media and videos to learn about the course topics.


I work as a senior researcher at Nordland Research Institute in Bodø, Norway. I have a background in economics of oil and gas industry and sustainable development. In my PhD I examined the consequences of Arctic shipping development on local communities in Northern Russia and Svalbard. In addition to Arctic shipping, I conduct research on communities’ viability, tourism development, marine litter, and circular economy. Research communication is a part of my work and I communicate the results to different generations through the presentations at schools, public meetings and mass media. In my free time I hike and camp with my family, bake, meet family and friends and learn new things. Each August I spend some time in the rural areas and pick cloudberries.