Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CCRD09 Elective 4 ECTS
Period 2 weeks 01.03.2021 - 12.03.2021
Instructor Arnar Sigurðsson


In this course students gain insights into the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for regional planning and how it is being promoted in multinational organizations such as the European Union. Emphasis is put on analysing the effectiveness and quality of different approaches, taking into account the challenges coastal communities are facing.


On completion of the course, a student:

  • can critically evaluate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in regional development.
  • can critically evaluate regional development strategies and present and defend their results.
  • has the ability to critically analyse the effectiveness and appropriateness of innovation and entrepreneurship as a regional development strategy.
  • has the ability to present results and defend them in front of a peer group.


Arnar Sigurðsson is an entrepreneur and social innovator. He holds a BA degree in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing, from the University of Iceland and a MA degree in Film Production from Goldsmith, University of London. Currently Arnar heads the Blue Bank (Links to an external site.), an innovation incubator and social development hub in Þingeyri, a coastal community in the Westfjords. Arnar's background is in startups, technology and other creative fields. He co-founded Karolina Fund, a crowdfunding and sourcing technology provider. Arnar has worked on introducing experimental culture within public administration, grass roots creative movements and is a public speaker on the relationship between community and innovation. His current experiments and ventures are channeled through his company East of Moon.