Iceland's Environment and Natural Resources

CMM28A Elective 2 ECTS
Period -
Instructor Albertína Friðbjörg Elíasdóttir


The module aims at setting the context for studying about environment and natural resources in Iceland, both regarding land and sea.

As a developed, resource rich, remote and sparsely populated island in the N-Atlantic Ocean, Iceland has distinct aspects. Those are, among others, the country’s diverse geology and homogenous demography, which are not easily comparable to neighbouring nations. The module aims to explore Iceland’s international image concerning environment and natural resources; how the country’s nature may be linked to the self-image of the modern Icelander; nature as a source of nationalism; and how this has manifested in recent debates in the media regarding utilization vs. conservation of renewable energy resources.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • discuss and reflect upon selected topics provided in class and study materials