Geographical Information Systems

Elective Course | 6 ECTS | Námskeið: CMM 21

Kennari: Ingeborg Klarenberg

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This course is about the power of maps. Learning the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) may at first appear a rather technical challenge. In this day and age we can not avoid the use of digital technology in our quest for understanding the world around us. Yet GIS still has the centuries-old study and practice of making maps at its heart. And while computers can help us undertake spatial analyses and geographic visualisations much more efficiently, an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts of cartography is just as important to fully exploit the potential that modern GIS tools can have. Therefore this course aims to include as much engagement with maps and aspects of visualisation as it showcases and exercises the use of GIS as a valuable tool to apply and utilise these skills.


I am a biologist with a broad background in earth sciences, environmental sciences and ecology and my interests comprise the crossroads of these fields, links between micro- and macro-ecological scales and complex systems. Spatial information has been an important aspect of my BSc in Earth Sciences and MSc in Environmental Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. During my PhD in Biology at the University of Iceland and the University of Akureyri, I studied the drivers of spatial patterns in moss-associated bacterial communities in a glacier forefield.

In my free time, I work with alternative photographic methods to explore the landscape and our impacts ( and otherwise you can find me outdoors hiking, running, (xc) skiing or SUPing.