Community and the Built Environment

CCDR12 Elective 2 ECTS
Period 1 week -
Instructor Kjartan Bollason


The built environment, not less than nature, shapes peoples wellbeing, their sense of belonging and their willingness to live in a region or town. This course examines the perception of landscape/sea in connection with the built environment and the role of planning.


Upon completion of this course, students

  • will be able to relate the connectedness of wellbeing and sense of belonging on the one hand to the built environment on the other hand.
  • will be able to distinguish perception and its changes in place and time.
  • are able to illustrate the role of planning and planning authorities.
  • are able to motivate, orally and in written form, suggestions for changes in the built environment on a scientific basis.
  • are able to use steering instruments taught in other courses and adapt them to the built environment.