Talking Science

Course: CRD 23

Instructor: Uta Reichardt

Course Catalog Description

About the Course

"Talking Science" is about communicating scientific content - within academia and (more importantly) beyond - to get the word out there, be heard, understood and create a conversation. The course is a hands-on workshop to explore and apply creative ways to translate and exhibit research in various contexts. It draws from a range of different fields to provide insights and examples for articles and reports, oral presentations and narrative-based science communication. Through the course, students will undertake substantial practice to expand their science communication skills.


I´m a post-doc at the Institute for Sustainability Studies, University of Iceland, and explore the synergies that emerge from the dialogue between science and arts. I view sustainability development through the lens of disaster risk reduction and look at the role of Art and Design regarding preparedness, relief and recovery from disastrous events. I enjoy making people from different backgrounds meet and join their forces. Currently, I´m involved in Out of Sync, an exploration of novel performance event formats during and beyond the pandemic, and recently co-founded Disaster Studios, a platform that joins Design and Disaster Risk Management and emphasises evidence-based design solutions and creative ways for disaster risk reduction.