Maritime Anthropology

Course: CRD 15

Instructor: Dr. Lara Hogg

Course Catalog Description

About the Course

The course focuses broadly on maritime human cultures but also specifically considers the Westfjords, and as a result incorporates several practical assignments involving cultural institutions, such as Byggðasafn Vestfjarða, Blábankinn, Ósvör, and Rannsóknasetur Háskólans á Vestfjörðum. I prefer to slightly adapt the course to students interests, and set an open assignment where they can explore what intrigues them most based on course readings and discussions. It is theoretical as well as practical combining the best of both.


My background is in North Atlantic coastal and island archaeology. I graduated from my PhD at Cardiff University and have subsequently worked as a Lecturer at the Universities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Iceland. A particular highlight of this teaching experience was being nominated for the ‘Outstanding Teaching’ award at Sheffield University, which I believe really highlights my commitment and passion to communication and education. I have worked as an archaeologist in countries including, the UK, Portugal, Faroe Islands and Iceland. I am very familiar with the history, archaeology and landscape of Ísafjörður and Vestfirðir and I have spent significant amounts of time visiting this region. Specifically, I have also worked as an archaeologist for several months on projects in Vatnsfjörður and Arnarfjörður (Hrafnseyri).

I have a Twitter and Instagram account, under @archaeomadillo, which I sometimes remember to update.

I love teaching at UW, particularly due to the inclusive nature of the institution and the wealth of knowledge that is derived from the diversity of educational backgrounds and personal experiences of both the students and the instructors. It is a really unique institution reflected in the spectacular location and also the range of courses offered. I have found it to be a very friendly and personable place to work at and enjoy teaching Maritime Anthropology there.