Community and the Build Environment

Course: CRD 12

Instructor: Kjartan Bollason

Course Catalog Description

About the Course

This course is about understanding how the built environment impacts our quality of life. We use different approaches to reach that understanding, by e.g. looking at how, depending on our different cultural background, we experience the built environment in a personal manner as well as part of society. We will undertake several field trips, mostly by foot through the town of Ísafjörður and learn about the story of planning and of the buildings of one of Iceland's oldest towns and one with the first city plan. The course also consists of lectures, group discussions and workshops.


I have a masters degree in environmental science and teach tourism and environment at the tourism department in Holar University in the north of Iceland. My research interest include the built environment, planning and environmental management, outdoor experience design, nature interpretation. I am a trained tour guide and have worked mostly as an outdoor and mountain guide.

Having grown up in the seventies in Ísafjörður it has been very interesting to come back and teach at the UW and see my home town with new and fresh eyes. The staff and teachers at the UW have also made the experience of teaching very enjoyable.