Coastal and Marine Ecology

Course: CMM 03

Instructor: Filipa Samarra

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About the Course

Understanding the links between organisms and environment is important for an effective management of our natural resources. This three-week course focuses on patterns and processes of species occurring in coastal and marine environments. We will cover simple and complex ecological processes and how these operate in different systems. Finally, topics of conservation biology and ecosystems services will also be addressed.

The course includes lectures, workshops, guest speakers and field trips. Students will also experience a variety of methods for surveying species and habitats


I am a behavioural ecologist with a keen interest in marine mammal social and foraging ecology and acoustic communication. My research focuses on intra-specific ecological and behavioural variation, interspecific interactions and the effects of environmental changes. Much of this work is done with killer whales, the apex predator of the oceans, as part of the longest running monitoring and research programme on killer whales in Iceland, the Icelandic Orca Project.