Open Courses

All master’s level courses at the University Centre of the Westfjords are open to participants from other universities and the world of work. They are taught in modules in the autumn, spring and summer semesters. All teaching takes place in English, as the student group is usually international and teachers come from all over the world. The courses are suitable for employee development/training; they are multidisciplinary and therefore suitable for individuals with varying backgrounds career paths.

Further information on organisation of the courses can be found in the teaching schedule for 2018-2019.

A draft of the course schedule 2019-2020 is available. To read descriptions of 2019-2020 courses please visit the course descriptions of the Coastal Communities and Regional Development webpage.

Courses fulfil the criteria of several trades unions for educational grants.

Spring and summer term courses are ideal for existing university students wishing to shorten the overall length of their studies.