Thursday 10. October 2013

"Wildfjords" wilderness trail

In this week´s Lunch Lectute Henry Fletcher will speak about the creation of ‘Wildfjords‘ – a long distance wilderness trail between Ísafjörður – Látrabjarg.

Henry is a former student on the Master´s Programme in Coastal and Marine Management, and whilst studying and in subsequent visits spent a lot of time exploring the wilder regions of the Westfjords. In these areas he found an exciting cacophony of ocean, mountain, birds, sheep, birch, towering sea cliffs, hot springs, gorges, black and red sand beaches and midnight sun. He also found a very welcoming and generous bunch of people living here. Henry´s idea is to bring all these elements and more to the Wildfjords trail.

Please come along for the Friday lunch lecture to find out more. The talk will be in English, starting at 12:10 at the University Centre cafeteria.