Friday 30. November 2012

Visiting Faculty Appointments

Acknowledging the commitment of its long term instructors, advisors and consultants as well as their important role in developing the Coastal and Marine Management master's programme, the University Centre establishes a Visiting Faculty with the goal of enhancing the master's programme's profile as well as the Westfjords region as a whole. In the next few months a number of instructors, advisors and consultants of the program will be appointed as Visiting Faculty.

Today Dr. Peter Weiss, the director of the University Centre, appointed Dr.des. Brad Barr as the first Visiting Faculty at the University Centre. Dr.des. Barr has for several years taught at the master's program, been a thesis advisor and an external reader for theses.

Visiting Faculty contributes to and participates in the intellectual life of the University Centre and the Westfjords region. From time to time, Visiting Faculty may represent the University Centre at conferences, workshops, symposia and other professional meetings, when opportunities arise. Faculty are encouraged to offer information about the Master's programme and the University Centre as a way to raise awareness of the programme, the University Centre and the research opportunities the Westfjords have to offer. Visiting Faculty will also offer advice and opinions within their sphere of expertise and experience regarding issues of relevance to the master's programme in Coastal and Marine Management development, but not least regarding the University Centre's interaction with the community, the Westfjords region and eventually the Icelandic authorities, thus making the University Centre an academic voice to be heard in the region and in Iceland.

From the appointment today. Brad Barr and Peter Weiss.
From the appointment today. Brad Barr and Peter Weiss.