Wednesday 22. April 2015

Upcoming Master's Thesis Presentations

Six students will present and defend their master's thesis in April and May 2015. Previously this academic year, three students defended their projects. Those are: Laura Nordgren (fall 2014), Victor Buchet (fall 2014) and Jean-Phillip Sargeant (early spring 2015). 

Below is an overview of the upcoming presentations. More information will be provided in separate announcements.

Chelsey Mae Karbowski, Friday, April 24, at 9:00
Niklas Karbowski, Friday, April 24 at 14:00
Sarah Elizabeth Lawrence, Monday, April 27 at 13:00
Sarah Marschall, Tuesday, April 28 at 14:00
Madeline Olivia Young, Wednesday, April 29 at 16:00

Lisa-Henrike Hentschel, Friday, May 8 (timing to be announced)

From a company visit in August 2013.
From a company visit in August 2013.