Wednesday 24. September 2014

Unusual Extracurricular Activity

Sheep herding in remote valleys is probably not something that you would find in most universities as an annual extracurricular activity. However this is the case for students studying at the CMM master’s program at the University Centre of the Westfjords. From the very beginning of the master’s program each year’s cohort of students has helped out with herding sheep in the remote Ingjaldssandur valley during this time of year.

In the local newspaper BB, the farmer Elísabet Pétursdóttir or Betty as she is called, is interviewed about this tradition. In the interview Betty mentions that between twenty and thirty students from around the world helped her this year. Within that group are both current students and alumni that return each year to help out with the sheep herding.

This tradition is a great experience for students and a good example of how engaged the students are in various activities in the community.