Tuesday 27. April 2010

University Students' Association founded in the Westfjords

Coastal and Marine Management students at the University Centre of the Westfjords have established Ægir - the Westfjords' only student association at the higher education level.


Ægir was the Norse god of the sea - and as a master brewer he was also chief party organiser for the gods of Valhalla.


Ægir's namesake organisation aims to uphold his oceanic interests while keeping his party animal image alive: Ægir was set up to represent the needs and interests of students, both academically and socially.


"We are committed to protecting the academic rights of students, organising fun and educational activities, serving as a channel of communication between students and administration all while evoking the principles and practices of environmental sustainability," explains Ægir Chairman Alan Deverell.


All students enrolled in the Coastal and Marine Management (CMM) Master's programme at the University Centre of the Westfjords are automatic Ægir members and other students at the Centre are invited to become associate members.

The CMM course is taught in English and a large percentage of the students have moved to Ísafjörður from all over the world specially to take part.


The Ægir association is in the process of opening its own website and a link to it will be found here on the University Centre's website.

The logo of Ægir.
The logo of Ægir.